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Our online consultations follow guidelines developed in accordance with clinical protocols, meaning if we feel you need to visit your local doctor we will advise you to make an appointment. Doctor Matt is also a confidential service using secure web messaging to ensure no information is shared. Finally, all medicines are posted in discreet packages ensuring peace of mind for you when it arrives.

How it works

Prescription medicines without the hassle

We know you have a hectic schedule and time is precious, so having to wait weeks for a doctor’s appointment is an unnecessary frustration. Doctor Matt has a robust volume of medicine supplied and dispensed by First Care Pharmacy so you can receive your prescription the very next day, hassle free.


Dr. Helen Webberley

Our Medical Director Dr. Helen Webberley is registered with number 3657058 with the GMC. The registration details can be viewed on the GMC website. Dr Webberley is trained in providing remote consultations and issuing prescription medicine online. The doctors are individually responsible for the prescriptions they issue.

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I regularly buy my medication from this site and have experienced extremely good, reliable and fast service. Helpful staff and competitive prices.

- S Fox

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